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For every event problem-ITN has a solution. 

Our Solutions

Events made better.

With industry-leading badging and registration solutions, ITN has everything you need to take your event to the next level. From real-time event dashboard visualizations, exhibitor and session apps, lead retrieval technology and more, our tools make your event more efficient and successful. For every event problem- ITN has a solution. 

“The value add that ITN brings to the table, and personal investment, is unmatched. I would absolutely recommend ITN as a registration provider.”

Christine Rose | Director, Global Events | Informatica LLC.

Our Partners

Connecting your event.

At ITN, we understand that event data must be connected from multiple points. For this reason, we’ve teamed up with several integration partners and developed a cloud-based software that leverages iOT technology to bring your data to where it needs to be.

ITN builds mobile apps for lead retrieval, access control, POS, sessions tracking, materials distribution, and more. 

About Us

What we do.

ITN is a technology company serving event producers around the globe. We help manage event data capture and apply event analytics to make better decisions in real-time. ITN supports conferences, user meetings, conventions, exhibitions, VIP functions, parties, festivals, and high-security functions by providing comprehensive cloud-based event planning, registration software, on-site mobile apps, and on-site solutions based on Near Field Communication (NFC) enhanced with RFID, BLE or Barcode when needed. ITN in numbers: Operates on six continents | 125 + events annually | 10,000 exhibitors serviced annually | 1.5+ million attendees processed each year.

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