A seamless on-site experience – that’s the ITN guarantee

From exhibitors to attendees to producers, ITN’s suite of on-site solutions improve operations at every level of your event.

Corporate event managers, marketing agencies and tradeshow managers improve onsite operations and service-delivery, while exhibitors mine more business opportunities. With a suite of solutions ITN excel at delivering a seamless, onsite experience, based around the BCARD badge.

Let’s make your event a success with a seamless onsite experience

Access and session data management

Event Perimeter Access.

This solution allows users to track and control perimeter access to enterprise events, complex conferences and large tradeshows. Tools in this solution include the ability to store and display visitor photos.

Session Access Control.

A mobile and NFC/RFID solution for tracking and controlling session access.

Electronic Session Evaluations, Event Surveys and Accreditation Management Solution

This solution allows for in-room session evaluations on mobile phones.

Ticketing & Purse Management

  • Materials and Proceedings distribution
  • Electronic NFC/RFID Event Ticketing
  • Cashless Payments
  • Tokens/Coupons
  • Metro Ticket
  • Hotel Room Key

Touch Marketing, Content Distribution and Social Networking

Smart Poster Tag Campaigns

A complete cloud-based application for real time issuance, distribution, tracking and management of passive smart poster tags.

BTAG Campaigns, Interactive Information NFC Hotspots

A solution for enabling digital content distribution and information exchange.

Attendee Experience Report

An automated solution for producing and managing a personalized activity report of all “touches” made by an attendee. Sent daily or post show. This document acts as a digital footprint of the attendee’s event experience.

Let’s work together to make
your event a success.

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