A customized registration solution for your Event needs

The ITN full-service registration solution is made up of multiple modules than can be customized to fit each event’s specific needs.

Full-Service Registration

ITN’s fully customizable registration system, RegPlex, enables organizers to create a flexible, bespoke system to meets their event requirements. RegPlex tools include:

  • Registration and E-Commerce Platform
  • Attendee Marketing Campaign
  • Housing Manager
  • Third Party Integration Tool
  • Show Manager Console
  • Reporting Dashboard


For more information on the Online Management module, please contact one of our experts.

Conference Management

Several tools make up the conference management solution. These include the:

Agenda Builder, Speaker Management Console

For additional information please contact one of our experts.

Exhibitor/Sponsor Resource Management

The Exhibitor Resource and Management Modules allow events to provide a fully functional exhibitor/sponsor content and resource application the provides a number of standard and customizable features including:


  • Content Management
  • Task List and Management
  • Housing
  • Registration Management
  • Sponsor Tools
  • Reporting Dashboard

For more information on the Online Management module, please contact one of our experts



Insignia is a cloud based production application. Submit your badge data to our app through a simple modern REST API service and print your badges anywhere in the world.

Utilize a number of advanced features that optimize your badge printing, provide visual monitoring cues, custom mapping, complex printing rules, NFC/RFID encoding, reprint and management from your mobile device.

Never keep your attendees waiting again!

Contact us for a demo to see how easy it’s to print professional badges at your event no matter the size.

ITN Check-in Solution

Printing badges is simple using our Check-In Solution.  Collect your own pre-registration data, supply us with a data import via excel or API and we will create that will print badges on demand.

Our Check In solution can be created, tested and ready to deploy within one week.

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