Full-Service Registration

A customized registration solution that meets all of your event needs.

Our full-service registration platform is comprised of multiple solutions that can be transformed to meet each event’s specific needs.


At ITN, we call our badges BCARDs. ITN has developed a suite of both NFC and QR based solutions for all our BCARD Badging options.


A seamless on-site experience- that’s the ITN guarantee. From exhibitors to attendees to producers, ITN’s suite of on-site solutions improve operations at every level of your event.


Designed to provide unprecedented visibility into your event, our comprehensive analytics tools enable corporate event managers, marketing agencies, tradeshow managers and exhibitors to evaluate their results—reliably and comprehensively—and formulate plans to improve future performance.

Exhibitor Lead Management

ITN offers a range of solutions for sales lead collection, reporting, and integration

ITN’s BCARD Reader app allows exhibitors to capture, qualify, and fulfill leads using NFC technology. The app lets users capture information by touching the device to the attendee’s NFC badge. All leads are then are uploaded to a secure cloud portal via the WiFi or cellular network.

BCARD Platform is a subscription-based, cloud application that lets you standardize the capture, qualification, fulfilment, and integration of CRM-compliant leads.

BCARD Platform is event, device and web-independent. It’s an anytime, anywhere, always-on solution.

Event Ticketing

Smart event ticketing solutions using RFID technology.  

ITN can easily provide branded smart event solutions using the latest NFC/RFID wristbands, bracelets, stickers or tags for you event, festival, concert, seminar, or roadshow in tandem with our line of BCARD mobile apps.

Smart Ticket is easy, quick, and secure. Verify and manage your event details, attendance, revenue, and security with our Smart Event Ticketing solution.

Smart City

Transform your event with a smart city integration with ITN solutions. 

Smart City is the future digital evolution of the worlds urban centers through the convergence of iOT and city sensors, services, and infrastructure.

ITN Smart City uses our BCARD RFID/NFC technology in conjunction with our iOT hub to connect your event directly into a smart city.

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