Event Ticketing

 ITN offers smart event ticketing solutions using RFID technology and mobile apps.

BCARD Reader

BCARD Event Reader is an app that allows events, festivals, concerts to read a ticket confirmation and quickly encode a custom branded NFC/RFID wristband for the individual that can be used to verify their access, make purchases via wristband, or add additional event access. All details are uploaded onto a secure cloud portal via the WiFi or cellular network, providing real-time visualization of your event results. The app used with the NFC/RFID wristband provides an additional layer of security and verification.


Ticketing and Purse Management Tool

The ITN Ticketing and Purse Management solution includes solutions such as Materials and Proceedings Distribution, Electronic NFC Event Ticketing, Cashless Payments, Tokens/Coupons, Metro Ticket, Hotel Room Key. These solutions allow attendees and exhibitors to attend and participate in events wallet-free

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