Universal Lead Gathering

BCARD Platform is event, device and Web-independent.
That means it’s an anytime, anywhere, always on solution.

BCARD Platform is a subscription-based, enterprise cloud application that lets you standardize the capture, qualification, and fulfilment of CRM-compliant leads.

This makes it the perfect solution for standardizing lead processing across all live events-tradeshows, conferences, road shows, field visits and face-to-face meetings — and across your entire organization. For more information please download our BCARD Platform Brochure here.

BCARD Reader is the

“Universal” Lead Retrieval Solution

Badge Types that can be Scanned: QR Badges, Barcode Badges, NFC Badges, ID Number Badges, Business Cards, Manual Entry

App Customization

Designed to give you control over the look and feel of your brand

The customization of the mobile app can be done on IOS, Android and WP8

Let’s work together to make
your event a success.

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